Hold A Bowl in Psychedelic Ruby


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Hold a Bowl, also known as Microwave Cozy’s are unique holders for hot food.
These are sewn to make a bowl shape with topstitching for sturdiness
Serve something hot and carry it more safely. You can keep it in your lap while you or the kids are watching TV.
Drips and crumbs go in the washable holder rather than the couch, chair or floor.
You can carry it outside and eat under the trees.
I made these for my Mom when she was in her 80’s so she could take hot food out of the microwave more easily. You put the bowl in the cozy, set it in the microwave, and remove it with both hands right to the table. You touch nothing hot and spills go on to the holder.
It let her be more independent in the kitchen.
All are lined with natural cotton batting , free from chemicals and bleach, suitable for repeated machine wash.
2 sizes, regular for single serving bowls and extra large for bigger bowls.
Some come in both sizes so you can make a set
Size shown for each item

This bowl has fine wale true red corduroy on one side and and a fabric designed  by Kaffe Fassett called Millefiore Red