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Canyonlands Quilt Story

Casey's Canyonlands Quilt

This is a blog post about why I do what I do. With my health limitations, I can’t work in a normal environment without getting really sick, due to reacting to so many chemicals and allergens.  I am able to work at home and have been sewing since I was in junior high school, a pretty long time ago ! So creating all kinds of quilts and bags and whatever inspires me has been so great. This quilt is one I made for my son Casey who has been to Canyonlands many times and it is such an amazing place. There is a special ledge where he likes to sit and look out over everything.  I tried to capture the feeling of it. I had never entered a quilt show so I put this one in (Tree City Quilters 2001 Gainesville FL ) and actually won the artistic merit category. What a treat for me ! So happy sewing Sunday.


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