The Dance Of The Hummingbirds


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The fabric for this dream/inspiration board is among my favorites ever.  It is hard to convey the clarity and vibrancy of the jewel tone hummingbirds.

The focus fabric is “the dance of the hummingbirds” line “flying colors” by Laurel Birch for Clothworks. It was designed years ago by Laurel Birch and is no longer available. The borders were chosen to complement the amazing jewel tones in the birds. The print quality of the center panel is wonderful. The borders use “serendipity” by Hoffman international, fossil fern for Benartex in “alpine rose” and “pastel almonds”.

This is a stand alone wall hanging or bulletin board.

Pin up sayings, intentions, pictures, mementos, photos and your special things to create something uniquely yours

15″ X 19″