Red Starfish Hexagon


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These potholders have a kalaidescope center.  Kalaidescopes   are made by cutting triangular shaped wedges of an exact repeating pattern and sewing them back together like pieces of a pie. Usually 6 or 8 pieces are used. Only certain fabrics work well for this and it is always exciting to see what happens when it is finished. Each is very different depending on where the cut is made. The Hoffman challenge butterfly fabric for 2004 in multi gold, teal, blue and peach produced some amazing kalaidescope mandalas. The colors in this are saturated jewel tones.

These hexagon potholders have a kalaidescope on each side.

It is amazing how the same fabric can have so many different  designs !

These can be used as potholders or wall hangings to add brightness to the kitchen !

9” x 9”