Japanese Landscape


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When I saw this fabric, I just had to figure out a way to showcase it, it was so amazing. The center panels are machine stitched following the contours of the landscape to make the lakes and rivers recede and the mountains form shores and valleys. The centers vary depending on the cut and quilting. It took days to choose the right border fabrics and width choices to create the artistic complement to this piece. There are several slight variations that emerged. The maroon and alpine rose strips at the upper left give life to the design. There is asymetrical feather stitching in lapis blue on 2 sides in the solid strips. I wanted to have a unique Zen landscape style with multi edged borders that celebrate many different textures and mirror the subtlety of the colors in the main frame, creating movement within serenity. Some fabrics include bali batik marbles by Hoffman, fossil fern by Benartex in royal velvet, african violet and alpine rose. The side borders use shibori by Paula Nadelstern. This strip is cut perpendicular to the selvage to place the tone of dark and light I wanted.

The combination of the lapis, violet, lavenders, and muted teals make the design of the lakes, trees, and hills truly enchanting.

There is a birch dowel for hanging

16″ X 20″