Heart Border With Leaping Frogs


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When I saw a picture of an envelope quilt I was so excited to make one. These envelope quilts use a variety of fabrics, creating a bright and lively space for interactive play. They can be on the wall or not. The many colors and designs make each one unique. Hide special toys or treats in each pocket if a friend or child is sick or glum. A great gift to fill with appreciation notes for a classroom, co-worker, or special person to treasure later.

There are 12 envelopes sandwiched with mountain mist batting and very soft backing for coziness.

Each comes with matching tie and birch dowel   which can be easily removed for play on the floor or bed.

Durable seam construction for repeated washings. This is an especially good value as it is very time intensive to choose, match, cut and sew all the pockets.

22” X 24”