Winged Cranes in Flight


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Winged crane in flight

This fabric brings Chinese formal styles to mind and uses the dignified colors of maroon, black, light grays and charcoal. The tasteful gold edging on the wings and background contribute to the refined style. The first and fourth border also use gilding in the fabric pattern. The first border uses a dragon scale print and the third narrow border is a deeper tone of the maroon in the center, bringing the eye outward. There is decorative contrast stitching in the center panel. There is also machine quilting following the wings of the crane to accentuate depth of flight. The choice of border design makes the center crane seem to lift out of the background. The edging is marbled charcoal flannel.  This fabric is no longer available and all possible pieces were used.

16 1/2″ X 16 1/2 “