Cardinals with Ripe Berries in the Meadow


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The fabric for this cardinal series was designed by Rosalind Solomon for Elizabeth’s studios.

There are 4 panels depicting the four seasons. The winter birds are perched on a snowy fir tree. Autumn birds are flying amid fall leaves. Summer birds have clusters of ripe berries. Spring birds are in a nest with blossoms. There are a pair in each beautiful scene.

Cardinals are really special to me and my sisters.

I see them a lot out here and was so happy to find this special fabric. I have used it up.

The potholders use border fabrics that enhance the season of the center panel.

Backing matches the outer border

The colors are  the greens and reds of the holidays and cardinals are such a bright spot in the winter

There are 6 with  a green variation border. There are 2 with a red variation border.

7 x 7 (3)

8X8 (6)