Bamboo and Cranes on Crimson


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The inspirationfor this piece came from the focus fabric in true red/ green bamboo with avariety of folded hanging cranes. This is from the origami line ” oriental traditions” for Robert Kaufman. There is a tradition of folding cranes for luck and to make wishes come true so I thought this was a meaningful gift for someone that you have special wishes for, it may be yourself. The combinationof oriental design and holiday colors make this versatile enough for year round yet the red /gold colors are holiday festive.

The bottom half is a roomy pocketlined on both sides with the same fabric as the front. There is a red corduroy trim border overlaid with feather stitch that gives elegant contrast. The narrow border is gold “print de soleil” by Hoffman. The outer frame is aflannel cream herringbone stripe called “woodrose in winter” by Moda.

The backing is a deep crimson soft cotton twill.There are 2 circle medallions of cranes appliqued on flannel with decorativestitch.

15” x 20″