About Paula’s Originals


photo-for-studio-300x300 All my products are original designs made from fabrics I choose combined with what I have on hand. I find the creative use of color, tone, design and wonderful fabric is what keeps me excited to see how each project will turn out.  I usually start with one or two “focus fabrics” which is the main inspiration. I see what would be the best way to use it, whether a quilt, wall hanging, bag or something else.  Then I create a basic design and incorporate other fabrics going along. With a quilt, the final size is determined by how the design evolves. Each layer, from the center outward, is added based on the one before it.  I work with color and tone to bring both vibrancy and harmony to each piece. The saturation of color in a fabric is key in creating a sense of movement or allowing a design to “pop”

I use my “design wall” which is a very large flannel board, to choose fabrics and shapes before sewing. Each piece of fabric has to be “auditioned” and viewed on the design wall both close up and far away. It may take seeing 20 or more shades of a color to pick the ½ “ strip in a wall hanging or border that makes it feel right. I often prefer simple designs with a mandala  effect to create movement within balance. I like multi borders around focus fabrics, especially in the children’s quilts to give depth and focus with repetitve soothing patterns.

One third of my home is a large, open, sewing studio/sewing room.  A large oak work table in the center of the room gives me 4 sided access to cutting and sewing. I get to watch the sunrise from my sewing room window.


photo-for-design-333x333All fabrics are 100% cotton unless otherwise stated. The fabric in my work is high quality so the color will stay vibrant with many washings and lots of use. I tend toward jewel tones offset with pastels. I use Hoffman, Moda, Benartex, RJR Fabrics, Clothworks, Kona, Paula Nadelstern, Jinny Beyer, Sue Zipkin, bali batiks and many others.

Fossil Fern multi tone solids are incredibly soft, have delectable colors and add muted depth.  A lot of my fabric is from Hancocks of Paducah in Kentucky and the Cotton Club in Boise Idaho.  I have listed many of the specific fabric lines used  in the descriptions of each product. Sometimes small pieces will be from my fabric stash of years ago, from parts unknown.

I consider softness to be a major factor in choosing fabric, especially for backing and edges. I often use flannel or extra soft fabric for outside borders so they are soft to the skin for cuddling.  All fabric has been prewashed at least twice to remove sizing or scents.  All finished products have been washed in unscented detergent in extremely hot water and dried so they are preshrunk. This makes them especially safe for newborns and children.

Batting is mountain mist 100% polyester that has been aired out in the sun for at least 2 days before use and then prewashed after construction.


Non toxic Policies

pet-machineDue to health concerns of my own, I cannot tolerate most allergens or toxins of any kind. I have built a totally non toxic home where I work. My products are safe for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies and children. They have no exposure to fragrance, chemicals, finishes, pesticides, animal dander, cleaning products, air fresheners,cigarette smoke, wood smoke, latex, mold, pollen, fish or nuts. Fabric softener or scented detergent has never been used in the washer or dryer. They have been washed in Tide Free, All unscented or Seventh generation natural Laundry Detergent. Austin Air Health Mate filters have been used throughout the home.

Any product that I sell is  non toxic.