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img_2749-1024x682About Paula

I have been sewing since the summer after sixth grade when I made my first dress for junior high school. I have been making clothes, presents, and quilts ever since. My three sons have  quilts and I am so happy to make baby quilts for my   grandsons. Due to health concerns (severe asthma and sensitivity to many common chemicals and allergens) I cannot be in  “normal”  work environments.  Creating with fabric is something I can do within the current limitations of my life and I love it.

I now live on 22 acres outside Micanopy Florida in a totally non  toxic home that we built. I am getting much healthier in this environment.  Being in the middle of  changing nature and such peaceful surroundings have infused all my work and it my hope that some of that will surround you when you bring these into your life.

I made this Canyonlands quilt because my 3 sons loved to go there so much and it was my way of being there with them. I have it hanging in my house.

I find appreciated and special objects can carry our stories. I hope that these quilts,  wall hangings and all the rest will brighten up your lives.

~ Paula

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